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For more than thirty years our company has been making food industrial machinery, equipment as well as components for producers of soda water, mineral water, soft drinks, juices, syrups etc.

Due to our continuous experience in production and operation, also, by following the new EU terms and directives, we have developed a new product line

The AMPO product line meets the requirements of all new directives and conditions.

The carbon-dioxide saturation and enrichment of drinking water are determined by the physical and chemical parameters of the consumed drinking water.

Knowing the complete analysis of Your drinking water, and based on all-time requirements, our company can ensure the treatment of necessary drinking water.

Professional installation, setting and maintenance result in safe and long lasting operation of the machinery.

We provide practical guidance for the Customer considering installation, operation and maintenance every time we hand over a piece of equipment.

The warranty period of machinery and equipment is ONE YEAR counting from installation.

We produce other food industrial machinery, equipment and components as well.

                                                                                                          Zsolt Ampovics


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